Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I've refound this blog site and will start to use it again. This is essentially a tale of the FDA degree course and what our students get up to on the course!

Our first year students are currently working on their 16mm film projects, shooting their "Sense of..." dramas. The student productions are centred around a bank heist, A biker bar, a haunted house and a man who loses his mind!

The students have shot a B/W test shoot and they are now deep into production on their colour projects. This year we are doing a test of Kodak 250D stock versus Fuji 250D across the four films to see which give us the richer colours and saturation.It should be fun to see the footage when we have it returned from processing over the Xmas period.

As well as the 16mm films the first year (stage 5) students are working on their Location doc/drama digital project which are also due in January.  Busy time for the first years.

Our 2nd years (Stage 5) are getting ready to present their findings from their creative producion module where they test research and test new ways of developing thier film making skills and finishing off their shoots for their live clients, who have been found by the students themselves and gives the students an understanding of finding and working for a real client. Results in January for how they did!