Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Welcome to 2013 introductory professional studies

Hi All level 4

Welcome to Introductory professional studies.
It is important to start to research and develop your blogs.
This is how you will submit your reports for assessment and the supporting research. There is no folder work so any physical work must be scanned into your blogs.

The information that you upload to your weblog should include referenced primary and secondary research including weblinks where appropriate. You should also evaluate your research choices.

Your weblog can include:

§  Own photographs/scans of samples, products, designs from brochures etc.

§  Own photographs/films taken during research, trade shows, exhibition visits, etc.

§  Own photographs/scans of appropriate newspaper and journal articles

§  Weblinks to the work of appropriate practitioners and organisations

§  Images/content legally downloaded from appropriate weblogs and websites

§  Your own written posts evaluating your research

§  Production log

All downloaded, scanned and photographed material (visual and text based) MUST be legally sourced and referenced on your weblog.

Remember it is in your interest to get good at blogging as you must submit your work this way!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hi all Professional Studies students!
Welcome to your introduction or reminder to the blog sessions for this year!
Today we will be looking at me, Mike Boyle, Your NLP forms, and using or creating a blog site!