Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New year at Creative Film & Moving Image Production @CCAD

Welcome to our brand new Level 4 students and our returning Level 5 and  Level 6 students!

We hope you have a fantastic year and do really well with developing your own blog sites to help you research for the modules and evidence all your findings!

Out with the old; Production Folders are being discontinued this year (Loud cheers from Levels 5 & 6), and in with the new! All production work will be submitted online via your Blog, the VLE or "Turnitin"depending on the module requirements.  Even your films will now be submitted digitally so no more burning DVD's and Blue-rays at the last minute to try and hit the deadline! Phew!

We are hoping for a really great year with some changes as above and with a couple of new cool toys which will be unveiled soon, it will hopefully be a great year for the course!

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