Tuesday, 21 September 2010

FdA TV & Film Production at CCAD

to the students on the FdA TV & Film Production at Cleveland College of Art & Design (CCAD)
and to any other interested parties who may have  professional advice / help for the TV and Film crews of the future!

This year our 1st year Part Time and our 2nd year students all 18+ have a live project for a client to create. Our 2nd years also have  a live 52 minute Muticamera studio experence and their major Specialism where they can specialise in Scriptwritng, Directing , Producing, Lighting/Camera, Sound, Editing or a combination of the above.

Our students will be setting up their own blogs to discuss the work they are taking on and use this site to discuss any options or submit difficult problems they may encounter. 


  1. Multicam: You now have your studio roles. Make sure you start to research your major roles as this is a part of your folderwork and more importantly your understanding of what the industry will require of you.

  2. Well done on getting your first M<uticamera audition done today. Lets make a big push to get the November the 2nd audition up and running to maximise the potential actors for the production.
    Mike b

  3. Hi All! Hope you are all busy adding to your blogs! Just a quick catch up. Interesting session yesterday concerning the set. Did you finally agree on final outcome? Also thought you all did well on changing positions for each group. The more we do this the better, easier and safer it should become. Hopefully start on the script today! Big readthrough next monday and I believe there will be hotseating of characters. This will be the first real chance to get a feel for the whole script!
    mike b