Thursday, 7 October 2010

Waiting on the pitch results

Hi All 2nd years!
We are currently waiting on the results of all your hard work and our client responses to your pitches. We are hoping to announce which of you will get the green light for pre-production to begin.

The 3 multiple pitches are Yellowcayke, CCAD Promo and the Woolroom.
As well as these there are 4 individual pitches.
We would in an ideal world hope to get you the results by Tuesday 12th October.

If your project does not get picked don't be disheartened as this is part of life in the media world where pitching for client work against others is all part of the great game. Think of it as an actor going for an audition. Each wants the lead role but don't forget there are lots of equally important roles out there to go for, so have a think what production you might want to work on if your pitch is not successful this time and perhaps let me know via this blog if you want to!
Mike Boyle

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