Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Now you have have your folders (if you have paid) It is vital you start filling them with your research you have done so far. It's not just about the forms to be filled in but quality research in your roles.

Crew roles are just as important as a director or producer!
For example is there a film that has inspired a certain shot or has the sound being used in a unique way in a certain film that adds to tension that may work for your film.

It is vital that you do sound or visual tests and record these and enter them in your folders with commentry about how these tests went. The director wants a particularly difficult shot. How will I achieve the look he or she is after? What does the storyboard call for? We did the test shots with the P2 camera but I wasn't happy with the lighting. What did I do to improve the shot? How do I mask the sound of the buses going past? The director wants a really wide shot in the open . How do I mic up that shot without showing the boom pole?  These are just a couple of questions that a crew memeber should be asking themselves and recording in diaries, blogs and within the paperwork before the shoot has even happened. There should be much more that occurs to you depending on script, location etc.
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Mike B

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