Thursday, 20 January 2011

Multicam finished!

Hi all

Just to say well done to all the FDA TV & Film production students for getting their live Multi-camera production on air, as it were, live, bang on at 4pm yesterday. The show was the most ambitious ever conceived in my seven years teaching this module and the students are to be congratulated for even attempting such a difficult task which included no less than 14 actors playing 16 roles. While I can't talk about individual performances of the crew, it has to be said that the days up to and including the broadcast were a great team effort despite some serious difficulties and setbacks along the way. To all of you well done! I'd also like to thank the actors for their time, effort and of course their abilities, especially James Harris given the size of his script and the fact he took it on with very little time to learn such a large part. To all of you a huge thank you! Your copies of the performance will be with you in a few weeks time! On Monday we shall be reviewing the recording to see what worked, what did not and what it looked like in the final outcome. More nerves for the students I think!

Many regards

Mike Boyle

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